Front-end Web-developer

02: Tokyo City

Kazuma Harada - Founder / Executive Creative Director


Without coding, any visuals will not be outpit and exporsured in the web. We are looking for a front-end web-developer who are skilled in writing fully functional programs and clean, testable code. Front-end web-developers of Huuman are responsible for refining website specifications and resolving technical issues.



  • 3+ years of web programming production experience
  • A few case studies of programming that have led to positive creative impact.
  • Experience of web programming production practices in creative industry/environment


  • Ability to fluently communicate in Japanese
  • Ability to enjoy the whole journey of work
  • Ability to demonstrate a web programming knowledge with emerging expertise in one or more
  • Ability to link concepts of work to executions and translate with technical deliverables
  • Ability to collaborate well and take ownership when appropriate
  • Ability to work across different culture and disciplines to push work forward



  • Client Relations / Sales experience


  • A basic knowledge/experience of our business values (values = profits + benefits)
  • A basic knowledge/experience of our creative process (IRDP or RIDP)


  • Ability to communicate fluently in English
  • Ability to enjoy the cultural exchanges throughout group works

How to apply

Let us know how you want to proceed.

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